Interactive dashboards using SQL queries.

Create beautiful TV dashboards to drive your business forward in a few clicks. Works with your existing databases.

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Simple Dashboards for
Complex Data

Getting insights into the data that matters to you is hard. Existing solutions are complex, expensive and hard to use.

Simple & Powerful

Clear and simple UI that unlocks your data through beautiful, live dashboards.

Your Databases

All you need is one or more databases with your data and you are ready to create a dashboard displaying insights.

Stellar Support

Our support can help you with anything from setting up DB Dash to writing SQL queries for your dashboards.

Self Hosted

DB Dash is a self-hosted solution, which means all your business data and passwords remain on your servers.

Secure, Flexible,

DB Dash is a simple but flexible solution ideal for displaying stats from your database.

SQL Queries

DB Dash allows you to display analytics from your existing databases by writing simple (or complex!) SQL queries.

Fresh Data

Set data refresh intervals for each of your queries and your dashboards will always show fresh data automatically.

Beautiful Charts

Choose between different charts and let your data tell a story which everyone on your team can learn from.


Use Zappier or IFTT to get the data from tools like Google Analytics into your dashboard.


Share dashboards with your team or the public for easy collaboration and insights.

Web Hooks

Integrate data from your custom tools with easy to use Web Hook system.

DB Dash supports your database

Microsoft SQL Server

Requirements for running DB Dash

See detailed documentation at


Linux Ubuntu

Web Server

Nginx or Apache


curl tar


Version 7.1.3 or newer

PHP Extensions

curl zip ctype json openssl sqlite3 pdo pdo_sqlite tokenizer


No confusing monthly pricing. One time purchase, and that’s it!
Set it up once, get beautiful (and unlimited!) results forever.

We are constantly updating DB Dash with new features.
Check what's in the pipeline at

Lifetime License
βœ… Self-Hosted
βœ… Unlimited Dashboards
βœ… Unlimited Widgets
βœ… Email Support
βœ… 1 Year of Updates included
Premium Lifetime License
βœ… Self-Hosted
βœ… Unlimited Dashboards
βœ… Unlimited Widgets
βœ… Premium Support
βœ… Lifetime Updates


What is DB Dash?
DB Dash is a software solution that simplifies creation of data dashboards from your existing databases using SQL queries.
What do I need to create my dashboard?
You need to have a database, and some simple SQL knowledge to query the data.
How do I install DB Dash?
DB Dash is a self hosted solution. You can install it on your server by following our guide at
How many times do I have to pay?
You only have to pay once to get the DB Dash solution, and then it’s yours forever. The Lifetime License includes 1 year of software updates, while the Premium Lifetime License includes lifetime updates.
How do app updates work?
With out Premium Lifetime License package, updates are free for life.
What about my data privacy?
We do not store your database data or your database credentials on our servers. All data is stored on your server where you installed DB Dash.
Do you store the data from my database?
No, we don’t store any data from your databases.
What happens to my charts & dashboards if the underlying database structure (schema) changes?
DB Dash always shows the latest database schema. New tables & fields will be available for use in charts. However, if you delete any field or table, you will need to update the charts accordingly so that they don't continue to use them.
How do I contact DB Dash?
We are an email away if you need something. Contact us at [email protected].

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